Get hired

Looking for work can be challenging. As well as checking the newspaper and job websites, you can ask the local employment agencies below to help you find work.

They offer services including job matching (helping you find a job that suits your skills and interests), coaching, counselling, resumé and letter writing, and free computer use to access job sites.

Max Employment


148 Macquarie Road

4752 2200 


606 High Street

4747 7900

Schools Industry Partnership

A free service to help school leavers and unemployed young people get a job. Open Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm

Shop 4, Raymond Mall 7-9 Raymond Rd, Springwood NSW 2777

4751 8830

Get smart

Are you passionate about plumbing or aching to be an architect? Want to get skilled up in something useful, or need to get your school certificate? Then it might be time to get studying!


TAFE offers hundreds of courses, in everything from business to beauty therapy, community welfare to computer services, coffee making to chainsaw skills. You can even do your HSC.

Mitchell Street, Wentworth Falls

131 870

Blue Mountains Youth College - Lawson Campus

If high school's not working for you, the youth college gives you a chance to get back into education in a more relaxed environment. The subjects you study are similar to school, but there are no exams, no pressure, and you get one-to-one help from a tutor when you need it.

4759 1012


Libraries aren't just about books. You can borrow CDs and DVDs, check the latest magazines, and get on the internet, all for free. If you're doing your HSC or other study, you can access loads of premium websites for free using your library membership number. For info on local libraries go to


Western Sydney University - Kingswood

Just a train ride away, UWS offers a huge variety of courses. Fees vary depending on what you study, but you can apply for funding via a scholarship.

1300 897 669

Charles Sturt University - Bathurst

Study on campus or by distance, about 1 1/2 hours drive from the Upper Mountains

1800 334 733

Get creative


Katoomba Youth Centre has a recording studio you can use for free.

31 Waratah Street (next to Centrelink) 

4782 2875

Blue Mountains Choir

Musical and choral training for anyone aged 9 to 16.

Mountains Youth Band

If you've had some musical training the Youth Band offers a chance to practise, perform and compete with other classical concert bands around the state.

Aerosol art

Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA)

A collective of young Blue Mountains aerosol artists led by staff at the Springwood and Katoomba youth centres. They work with local people to create legal works of art in public places.

0450 454 409

Get your voice heard

There are times when you might need someone to speak out for you and your friends. You may not be old enough to vote, but your opinion can still be heard by people making decisions.

Blue Mountains City Council Youth Services Development Officers

Help to figure out what services young people in the Mountains need, and work with the community and Council to plan and develop them. They also co-ordinate and support the Blue Mountains Youth Council.

2-6 Civic Place, Katoomba

4780 5680 or 4780 5545

Blue Mountains Youth Council

The Youth Council helps to educate council and the community on the views of young people living in the Blue Mountains. If you're 12-24 years old and interested in getting involved, visit this page and get the application form.


Youth Action

Want to change the world? Youth Action works with the NSW state government on all kinds of issues related to young people.

8218 9800

Youth Centres

Youth centres are places where anyone from age 12-18 can hang out with their friends.

They have kitchens, pool tables, XBoxes and even music rooms where you can record a CD, all for free. They also run activity programs, which could be anything from jewellery making to sports competitions, bushwalks to gigs. The youth workers here are also good people to talk to if something is worrying you.

Mountains Youth Recreation Project

Outdoor adventure and exploration program, working mainly with high schools, with camps, rock climbing, canoeing and leadership programs.

Lv 2/ 31 Waratah Street, Katoomba

0421 389 790

Fusion Blue Mountains

A Christian support group for young people aged 12 - 18. They run activities designed to help you build self confidence and function in society. Activities include day trips, breakfast clubs and Talk'n'Tucker meetings, where you can make friends, share a meal and talk through issues from a Christian perspective.

160 Macquarie Rd, Springwood 2777

0423 320 555

Mountains Youth Support Project

0423 473 990 or 0423 485 873

Katoomba Youth Centre

31 Waratah Street (next to Centrelink)

4782 2875

Springwood Youth Centre

59 Springwood Ave Springwood

4751 1611

Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC)

PCYC clubs have great facilities and offer low-cost courses in martial arts such as Judo and Karate, as well as sports like boxing, gymnastics and archery. Also run leadership courses, and promote positive relationships between young people and the police.


100 Station Street

4732 1755


Hoskins Avenue

6351 2510

Outdoor recreation

Ping Pong

Lawson Town Square

Cr New St and Staples Crescent, Lawson

Skate parks

There are seven skate parks in the mountains.


Great Western Highway (near the train station)

North Katoomba

A beginner's skate park for younger kids and families.

Melrose Park, Albion Street, North Katoomba


Neate Park, Great Western Highway


Cnr Great Western Highway & Hare Street


Bellevue Park, Great Western Highway


Hawkesbury Road


The Edge Cinema - Katoomba

4782 8900


4739 4433 or 4739 0003

Mount Vic Flicks - Mount Victoria

4787 1577