Choosing a monument for someone special is an important decision. Monuments have to stand the test of time. The design also needs to reflect the character of the person and the setting of the cemetery. Any works on the top of the grave – headstone, full monumental works or plaque, require approval. Talk to us!

Flowers and ordaments

Fresh and artificial tributes are welcome although fresh is preferred. We ask that you do not use glass in any form. Make sure that flowers and ordaments do not encroach onto the next memorial site. Always remove withered and weathered tributes from the grounds.

New monuments

Graves need to be at least 6 months old before construction works commence. This is to allow time for the ground to settle to avoid collapse of the monumental work. When you make an application for monumental works consider the location, scale and type of materials that best match the setting of the cemetery. Crypts or vaults are not permitted.

Removal of existing monuments

Usually it is not possible to re-open a grave for a second burial without risk of damage to the existing monumental works. Where it is removed, it must be replaced within 48 hours of the funeral.

In all instances, approvals are required. Even for the placement of ashes into an existing grave.

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