Written permission must be obtained via Councils Monumental Works Permit application to erect a headstone, plaque or inscription service. 

All monumental work must follow AS4204:2019 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments guidelines. Any works that have not been approved or not in line with the relevant Australian Standards may be removed by Council Staff.

Flowers and Ornaments 

A person may place fresh flowers in non-breakable vases or unbreakable containers at a grave site. Using glass or ceramic containers or glass or ceramic vases is not permitted in Blue Mountains cemeteries. Acceptable materials may include plastic, terracotta, timber, concrete or brick. Council staff may remove excessive or wilted flower arrangements. Council staff may also remove artificial flower arrangements if faded, weathered or otherwise degraded. 

Plantings will be removed if the plant is a noxious or invasive species, in poor health, overgrown, encroaching over and onto the grave aisles, or encroaching into ashes garden plots or damaging Council assets. 

Council may also remove any items or ornaments outside the grave boundary that impedes the grave aisle, hazardous to staff and public or encroaches onto other graves.

For further information please refer to Councils Cemeteries Policy.

New Monuments

Council may delay installation of monumental at any time. This is to allow time for the ground to settle and to avoid collapse of the monumental work. 
Once installed by a mason or appropriately trained contractor, the care, maintenance and repair of monumental work is the responsibility of the interment right holder, family or estate of the deceased. 
For further information please refer to Councils Cemeteries Policy.

Removal of Existing Monuments for a Second Interment in a Single Plot

To re-open a grave for a second burial without risk of damage to the existing monumental works must be removed prior to the second interment. In such instances removal of any monumental work, improvements, or other items impeding the opening of the grave will be the responsibility of the interment right holder, Funeral Director or Monumental Mason. These items must be removed by a monumental or stonemason at least five working days before the graveside service or interment to allow the interment site to be prepared.