We have adopted the definition that community development is 'collective activity by communities of interest for the common good'. 

This is a widely and internationally acknowledged definition that:

  • provides flexibility about what to do
  • emphasizes the value of people working together: not just the end result, but the benefits people have in the process.

In order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to be involved in collective activity, community development must also address any barriers to their participation, ie: transport, language, health, etc. And so, community development also supports vulnerable people in our community - such as older people, people with a disability, young people, children & families - to improve their wellbeing and ensure that they are included.

How we go about community development?

The way we would go about community development is to:

  • Take a collective / collaborative approach from the start
  • Think about the future, not just an immediate urgency
  • Ensure that people affected have access to the process.