We provide links and downloadable directories with useful information and relevant services for children and families in the Blue Mountains. You can find these links at the Stronger Families Alliance website and in the ‘Guide to Services and Activities for Children and Families’ available to download below.

For other community information and resources, please click on the related pages about Community Development or contact the Community Development Officer - Children & Families.


Long day care, preschool and playgroup are common support services that are common entrance points for children and their families. These places provide support, information and a place where families can extend their networks and partnerships into the broader community, leading to participation in other community activities.

Blue Mountains City Council convenes the Early Childhood Educators Network of providers. These providers include private and community based Long Day Care and Preschool Centres. The Network provides an opportunity for working together to support children to reach their full potential. Services are passionate to ensure children start school ready to learn and parents/carers understand the importance of developmental milestones.

Parents and Carers are encouraged to maintain developmental checks through Community Health (NSW Health) https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/ and follow up on early intervention with any concerns or issues identified.

In 2019 BMCC hosted a workshop with local early childhood, education and family services to analyse the Australian Education Development Census (AEDC) data for the Blue Mountains to see how children are faring against the 5 development domains and identify strategies to support improvement (see BMCC Forum Report and AEDC resources below)

In 2020, BE YOU were invited to support the Networks learning and development with access to BE YOUs wonderful website of early childhood resources and experienced facilitator

Kids Say was launched in 2020, this platform creates a space for children aged 0-12 to have their say about what’s important to them and their community.

The platform was launched with the opportunity for kids across the Mountains to find homes for 11 new Kids Street Libraries across our communities.


Further Information

Council's Community Development Officer – Children & Families 
Patricia Darvall
Phone: 4780 5462 
Email: pdarvall@bmcc.nsw.gov.au