Council has constructed a car park at Railway Parade, Linden, and is installing new signage to manage traffic at the entrance to the walking track to Paradise Pool. 

The existing parking area on Railway Parade was unsealed and uncontrolled, with no parking restrictions in place. New signage and line marking will guide vehicles. This will maximise the number of safe parking spaces (11) while restricting overflow parking, to ensure resident and railway access is maintained.  

Background information

  • Paradise Pool is an increasingly popular tourist attraction located in the Blue Mountains National Park, near Linden.
  • The pool is accessed via a walking track which starts at Railway Parade, Linden.
  • Following the introduction of parking restrictions in Caley Lane to manage excessive and uncontrolled parking, the subject site of Railway Parade is now the designated parking location to access Paradise Pool. 
  • A formalised parking area on Railway Parade has been constructed within the general footprint of the existing unformed parking area. The car park has 11 formal spaces.
  • The design allows for seven 90 degree spaces, with three parallel spaces on the eastern side of Railway Parade, and one on the western side. 
  • While there are a small number of days during the year when more visitors frequent the location, Council is only constructing 11 parking spaces for environmental reasons.
  • The new parking spaces will improve amenity for Linden residents by control parking in the area.
  • The car park will also help to reduce potential adverse impacts to the heritage-listed Cox’s Road site from uncontrolled parking.
  • Council has also previously installed signs at other locations nearby to manage parking. 
  • There will also be new signage to control visitors including signs directing visitors to the location of nearest toilets; signs asking visitors to take their rubbish; and parking/no parking signs where relevant.
  • The proposed works and changes in relation to traffic regulations within the area have been approved by the Local Traffic Committee. Works have also been approved and will be undertaken in accordance with Part 5 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.

The works will be completed in July 2021. For more information contact Project Manager James Lancaster at 4780 5000.