The Blue Mountains Bushland Nursery Incentive supports ethical local nurseries.

Blue Mountains Bushland Nursery Incentive is Blue Mountains City Council’s free accreditation scheme to prevent the sale of invasive priority weeds within our Local Government Area and is supported by the Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT.

An accreditation certificate is issued to local nurseries who do not stock or sell ‘Local Priority Weeds’. When displayed these certificates assure customers whatever they purchase will be compliant with the Biosecurity Act 2015, which regulates invasive weed species in NSW. 

Accreditation also acknowledges the nursery’s awareness of our responsibilities as residents and businesses within a World Heritage Area and the need to control invasive species to protect this unique location.

Council encourages customers to ask nurseries if they are accredited and ethical when making their purchases.

Blue Mountains nurseries that have received accreditation to date are: 

Residents need to be aware that if priority weeds are discovered on their property Council has a duty, and the authority under the Biosecurity Act, to require them to remove or control these plants, regardless of them being bought them from a nursery. Equally, property owners have a biosecurity duty to address the risk posed by priority weeds to the environment by ensuring they are appropriately controlled and removed on their land.

You can read more about Priority Weeds and your obligations under the Biosecurity Act at here.

Nurseries who would like more information on becoming accredited should contact Council on 02 4870 5000.