Bushcare is our program for the restoration of bushland reserves by volunteers. Volunteers are involved in looking after the native bush, plant identification, fauna monitoring, weed control and seed collection.

There are many benefits of being involved in Bushcare. It is a great way to meet people in your local area, as well as learning about plants and animals.

Bushcare and Landcare are a part of our Community Conservation Program.

How does Bushcare work?

Under the guidance of a Bushcare Officer, groups remove weeds in a way that helps give native plants the space and opportunity to thrive. This is called Bush Regeneration.

Other activities Bushcare groups may do include: stormwater control works, erosion control works, track maintenance and improvement, seed collection, plant propagation, public education, and other bushland management issues.

Our role

Our Bushcare officers provide training to volunteers in bush regeneration techniques and safety. We also provide the necessary tools and other equipment for Bushcare groups working on Council land.

About Bushcare in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Bushcare Program has its origins in the activities of early Bushcare groups such as Friends of Katoomba Falls Creek Valley, Fairy Dell Restoration Committee, Minnehaha Falls Landcare Group, Glenbrook Lagoon Society and Pope’s Glen Bushcare Group.

These groups started in late 1989. In response to their activities, Council decided in 1992 to fund a position to coordinate the activities. Since then the number of groups, participants and Bushcare Officers, has steadily increased.

We have over 60 Bushcare sites across the Blue Mountains with a number of dedicated volunteers working at each site.