Principal Certifier

The PC is a registered certifier that is appointed to perform any required (or mandatory) inspections throughout the construction period at critical stages. The PC's role is to ensure the development is completed in accordance with the conditions of the development consent, approved plans and documents, the Building Code of Australia and any associated restrictions listed on the title of the property. The PC also issues the Occupation Certificate at the completion of the works.

To appoint Council as your PC you will need to complete the Principal Certifier Service Agreement form and forward to Council. An information package will be provided on what you will need to provide and inspections required for your build.

Construction Certificates

Before you are able to begin any construction or works, both a Development Consent and Construction Certificate are required.
A Construction Certificate certifies that the construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent and satisfy the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia), and that the design satisfies all applicable standards (e.g. Australian Standards) 

Further information is found on the NSW Planning website.

Complying Development Certificate

A Complying development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development.  It must fully meet specific development standards, under the Exempt and Complying Development Code SEPP, and is determined by a Council or registered certifier without the need for a full development application.

Further information is found on the NSW Planning website.

Occupation Certificates

An occupation certificate allows a person to occupy and use a new building/construction. It verifies the Principal Certifier (either Council or private certifier) is satisfied that the building is suitable to occupy and meets all the requirements of the development consent and Building Code of Australia. It may be issued for a new building or partially completed building, or of a new use of a building. 

Further information is found on the NSW Planning website along with information on how to lodge your application

BAL Certificates

A BAL Certificate is a requirement if you are carrying out Complying Development on bushfire prone land. Further information is available on the RFS site.