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What is a service?

A service is either:

  • A collection of up to four cubic metres of bulky household waste, or
  • Chipping of up to four cubic metres of garden vegetation for chipping.

It is not a mixture of the two. If you need both services, you will need to make two bookings. If you booked a service but did not present waste materials by the notified date, it still counts as a service.

How many services can I receive?

Each property that pays rates* can book two booked waste services of their choice per year. These waste services are at no extra cost.

This can be either:

  • Two clean-ups per year (each with a four cubic metre limit), or
  • Two kerbside chipping services per year (each with a four cubic metre limit), or
  • One clean-up and one kerbside chipping service per year (each with a four cubic metre limit).
  • *rates include the domestic waste management charge.

When will my services be renewed?

Your two free services will renew at the beginning of each financial year (1 July to 30 June) each year. Make sure you book your service at least 6 - 8 weeks before the end of the financial year. This allows time for the collection to take place before 30 June.

Can I split a service into kerbside chipping and clean-up if the total volume of waste materials is less than four cubic metres?

No, a service cannot be split or mixed. A service is either kerbside chipping or kerbside clean-up.

How much can I present for handling?

For each service, a household may present four cubic metres of waste material.

Try using the following guides to measure four cubic metres:

  • Bulky Waste: make a pile 2m long x 2m wide x 1m high (the height of a standard door is two metres), or
  • For narrow and confined spaces make a pile 4m long x 1m wide x 1m high.

For chipping, depending on the length of branches (minimum 1m, maximum 3m) try making a pile either:

  • 4m long x 1m wide x 1m high, or
  • 3m long x 1.33m wide x 1m high, or
  • 2m long x 2m wide x 1m high.

Do not stack waste materials higher than one metre - for safety reasons.

How much notice will I be given to put my materials out?

We will give you at least 7 days’ notice before the service date. You should put materials out the night before your booked waste collection day.

I have put items out for collection but someone has added to it and it looks more than allowed. What can I do?

Only present waste materials the night before your service date. This should reduce the chance of others adding to it. If someone has added to your waste materials, please tell us so we can investigate.

What happens if the date you provide me with does not suit me?

You can request another date that suits you better. We need at least 7 days before your original booking date to allow us time to reschedule.

What if I own a holiday home in the Blue Mountains but live outside the region?

You are entitled to receive two booked waste services per financial year. You will still need to put waste materials out no earlier than the night before your service date. We will give you at least 7 days' notice before the service date to get organised.

Will the paid service still be available if I want extra services?

Yes. Extra services are still available if you need more than two services per year. You must pay a fee before an booking an extra service.

I am a tenant – can I use the service? / Do I have to be a ratepayer to use the service?

You must be a resident of a property that pays rates (rates include the domestic waste management charge). This includes tenants. The service is only available to residential properties, not to businesses.

If I don’t use all my services in the year do they carry over?

No. Unused services do not carry over from year to year.

Which waste materials can I present?

‘Waste materials’ refers to either garden vegetation or general household items. Check the Service Requirements for a detailed list.

Due to footpath constraints, all our neighbours put items together on the footpath. Is it still possible to make a booking?

Please tell us of any space constraints when you make your booking. You should only combine waste materials with neighbours if you have had approval from us.

When will the service happen?

We aim to collect or chip waste materials within 6 weeks of receiving your booking request. We will let you know your service date within ten days of making your booking request.

For tenanted properties or holiday homes – will it be the owner that books the service?

Tenants can use the service as occupants of the property. Owners or landlords allow tenants to use the weekly garbage or recycling services. We assume tenants can also use the other waste services.

If I have 8m3 of waste or chipping can I book my two 4m3 services for the same day?

Yes. You may use your two free services as you need them. Please tell us if you want to use your full allocation in one go.

What if I have to cancel a booked service? How much notice do you need? 

You can cancel a booked service but we need at least 7 days’ notice before your service date.

In the event of a major weather event that is not classed as a natural disaster, will there be a provision for an extra service? If not, why?

No. Unless the major weather event stops us from providing our service on the booking, we will not provide an extra service. Vegetation management as a result of storm damage must be conducted by a qualified contractor. Our position has not changed in this regard.

Are we now receiving less service than before?

No. With the previous booked service, residents could use:

  • 2 chipping services with 3 cubic metres each, and
  • one clean-up service with 2 cubic metres.

This was a total of 8 cubic metres.

The new booked services allow for 2 services of 4 cubic metres each, still a total of 8 cubic metres.

What is the cost of booking an extra chipping and clean-up service? How do I book an extra service and how will my date be allocated? 

The cost of an extra service for bulky waste pick-up of up to four cubic metres is $100 and chipping of up to four cubic metres is $63 in financial year 2018-2019 (inclusive of GST).

Additional services must meet the same Service Requirements and Terms and Conditions as free services. You will be required to pay the fee before a service date can be allocated. Volume limits and service delivery is the same for additional paid services as for free services. If a resident presents less than four cubic metres, the fee remains the same.