Booked Waste Service - Kerbside Chipping

Bookings for the August trial closed on 27 July 2022.

Before using this service, you must understand and agree to the Service Requirements listed below. 

Service Requirements

What Council will chip:

✔ Fresh material less than four weeks old.
✔ Branches with a minimum length of one metre (1m) and a maximum length of three metres (3m).
✔ Branches with a maximum diameter, or width, of fifteen centimetres (15cm).

✔Woody weeds without seeding material.

What Council will NOT chip:

✘ More than 4 cubic metres of material.
✘ Very old and dry material more than four weeks old.
✘ Material that was too small to chip (lengths less than one metre). Please compost these smaller materials or put them in your green bin.
✘ Root balls, vines, or general waste that will damage the chipper. Please compost or dispose of these responsibly.
✘ Logs and tree stumps.
✘ Agapanthus, Bamboo, English/Scotch Broom, Cape Broom, Gorse and Tree Lucerne, and any weed species that are in seed. For weeds information, go to

✘ Any material affected with Armillaria luteobubalina, known as the Australian honey fungus.
✘ Weeds potentially containing seed in August including Holly and Cotoneaster. Seed should be removed and disposed of through Council provided green bin, prior to putting out for chipping. If seed is not removed, it will not be chipped.

✘Materials that are not accessible or in front of a non-residential property or vacant land.


You may present up to four cubic metres of branches per service, to be placed neatly in front of your property, clear of paths and driveways the weekend before your collection week. Keep cut ends of branches together, parallel to the street. Please be sure to remove chipped materials promptly.  

While there are many combinations that make up four cubic metres, try using these suggested arrangements:

Make a pile 2m long x 2m wide x 1m high (the height of a standard door is two metres) OR for narrow and confined spaces make a pile 4m long x 1m wide x 1m high.