Booked Waste Service - Facility Drop Off

Before using this service, you must understand and agree to the Service Requirements listed below. 

Service Requirements

What Council will accept:

✔ Four cubic metres (4m3) in total (a small trailer or ute load)
✔ Unbundled green waste and organics

A greater variety of items will be accepted for the Facility Drop Off, please refer to Facility acceptance of items here.

What Council will not accept:

✘ Business waste
✘ Building and construction waste at Katoomba (it is accepted at Blaxland)
✘ Hazardous materials such as but not limited to fibreglass, acids & alkalis, chemicals, herbicides & pesticides, fuels, oil filled column/fin heaters.

NO asbestos material or material suspected to be asbestos will be accepted. Strict rules apply to the handling and disposal of asbestos.                  

Contact Safe Work NSW on 131 050 for information on handling & disposal.

If you are unsure whether an item is acceptable or not, please call Council.


Items need to be loaded in a way that ensures there are stable & safe and all loads need to be secured, contained, and covered when delivering to your nominated facility. Try to pre- sort your waste before arriving so reusable and recyclable items can be clearly seen by staff. This will also allow you to easily sort your waste at the allocated areas as directed by staff. Ensure only acceptable items are brought in as all loads will be inspected by staff prior to entry.

Allocated areas for sorting are:

•    Green waste/organics
•    Household recyclables
•    Metals
•    Timber
•    Mattresses
•    Tyres
•    Expanded Polystyrene
•    Mixed Waste
•    Reusable items
•    Cardboard 

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