Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in very young children who lack the cognitive and water skills to deal with the danger.

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Let's not see another child drown or near drown in a backyard pool
Obtain a Certificate of Compliance

Make sure your new pool has approval

All swimming pools over 2,000L require approval through a Development Application or Complying Development Certificate. Call our development advice team on 4758 5000 if you need help determining what approval pathway is right for you. 

Let's not see another child drown or near drown in a backyard pool

Know that you have done the best you could to make your pool / spa safe. Reduce the risks by following these simple steps.

Step 1 - Register your swimming pool

You must register your pool or spa on the NSW Government online register.

All backyard pools and spas capable of being filled over 30cm (the length of an A4 sheet of paper), need barrier fencing. This applies to inground, above ground and portable / inflatable pools and spas.

Step 2 - Make sure barrier fencing meets the standard

It is essential that swimming pools and swim spas:

  • are enclosed by a 1.2m high barrier fence with boundary fences being at least 1.8m high
  • that gaps are no more than 10cm anywhere in the barrier, whether horizontally or vertically
  • gates open outwards with self-closing and self-latching devices. Latches must be 1.5m above finished ground level or have a shield
  • have a 900mm clearance zone around the outside of the barrier fence and gate, free from all items that could serve as footholds, and
  • barrier fencing is well maintained.

Spas with a lockable lid do not need to be fenced provided that the lid is in place and locked when the spa is not in use. If the spa doesn't have a lockable lid then the above barrier fencing requirements apply.

Step 3 - Display a CPR Chart

A CPR chart must be located in a visible position within the pool / spa area. Keep it fresh as it must be current and easily read.

Obtain a Certificate of Compliance

This certificate certifies that the barrier fencing in place complies with the standards. Compliance is verified when:

  1. You are selling or leasing / renting a property you must apply for a certificate of compliance.
  2. You are unsure as to whether the barrier fencing around your pool / spa meets standards you can voluntarily apply for a certificate of compliance
  3. A required inspection is undertaken as part of the Council endorsed swimming pool barrier fencing program. Blue Mountains City Council's program mandates that every pool/spa be inspected at least every five years.

Apply for a Certificate of Compliance online. Fees apply.

Apply online

If the barrier fencing does not meet standards a certificate of non compliance will be issued. This certificate will state the measures that you need to take to achieve compliance.