For A Year In a Day, the PHI was joined by the community as we explored new actions for planetary health every day for 102 days.

As well as engaging participation in the Precinct Plan, it demonstrated how to contribute to planetary health, and how Council supports Community to take action.

In addition to this, on World Health Day over 365 new actions were taken on one day, highlighting that we urgently need the action of a whole year in one day. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of all the dedicated people who made such an effort to be part of this community groundswell demanding urgent action – action at the rate of a whole year in one day!

Background to the Year in a Day campaign

In 2021, Council joined the Global Planetary Health Alliance that is publishing research on how the deteriorating health of the natural systems is affecting human health. As a result, Council is looking to restore planetary health by thinking globally and acting locally.

The Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative is building on Council’s long-term commitment to restore social, environmental and economic health across the City and, in turn, generate new jobs for the future.

If you have been inspired to act to restore planetary health, make sure you let us know!

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