Blue Mountains City Council maintains asbestos registers (“registers”) and asbestos management plans (“plans”) relating to each of the buildings owned or occupied by the Council.  The registers and plans record information about the existence and location of any known or presumed asbestos containing materials (“ACM”) within those buildings.  

The Council’s governing body has adopted the Council’s corporate Asbestos Policy, which is available on our website.

The registers and plans are in two forms. First, the Council maintains an electronic asbestos register and asbestos management plan for each workplace. Second, the Council has prepared individual hardcopy versions of the electronic versions which are held in the workplace of concern.

Whenever work is carried out on a Council building the hardcopy register and the hardcopy plan are each amended by hand, as required.  This action ensures that Council employees or contractors who work from time to time within that building have access to accurate information about the ACM that it contains or may contain. 

The electronic versions of each of the corporate plans and registers, and of the plans and registers for individual buildings, are periodically updated.  However, the key documents are the hardcopy registers and the hardcopy plans for each building which must be inspected before any work is carried out on that building.


(1)    The Council’s electronic registers and plans ARE NOT to be relied upon as definitive records and ARE NOT to be used for reference purposes for any construction, demolition, maintenance or any other onsite works. IN ALL CASES, the onsite hardcopy building specific asbestos register and building specific asbestos management plan MUST BE CONSULTED prior to the commencement of physical works on the building concerned.   While the electronic versions of the Council’s registers and plans provide guidance concerning the presence or possible presence of ACM it is the onsite hardcopy registers and plans which will remain up to date.  

(2)    The Council's electronic registers and plans relate to Council owned or managed buildings. The electronic registers and plans do not relate to structures (such as picnic shelters, bus shelters and other freestanding structures). Before any work is carried out on such structures the Council's Hazardous Materials Team ("HMT") MUST BE CONSULTED. The HMT may be contacted at The HMT will provide information concerning any ACM that may be present in the structure concerned.

Further information:
Further information on safe asbestos management may be obtained by contacting Councils Hazardous Materials Management Team at

Asbestos Registers


Bell Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station


Blackheath Brigade Station

Blackheath Car Park - Toilet Block

Blackheath Caravan Park – Amenities Block

Blackheath Caravan Park - Residence, Office & Store

Blackheath Community Arts Centre

Blackheath Early Childhood Centre

Blackheath Memorial Community Hall

Blackheath Memorial Pool

Blackheath Pre-School

Blackheath Tennis Clubhouse

Neate Park

Rhododendron Gardens Blackheath


Blaxland Community Centre/Library

Blaxland Community Health Centre

Blaxland Oval

Blaxland Rural Fire Service Station

Euroka Child Care Centre

Lennox Park Tennis Clubhouse


Bullaburra Rural Fire Service BushFire Station


Faulconbridge Community Centre

Faulconbridge Council Hall

Faulconbridge Rural Fire Station

Tom Hunter Park


Knapsack Park

Glenbrook Park

Glenbrook Oval

Glenbrook Early Childhood Centre

Glenbrook Pool

Glenbrook Cinema

Glenbrook Preschool Kindergarten

Glenbrook / Lapstone Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station


Hazelbrook Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station


BMEE Cottage

Bureau Park Toilet Block

Council Headquarters

Katoomba Aquatic Centre

Katoomba Cemetery

Katoomba Children's Cottage

Katoomba Community Legal Centre

Katoomba Depot

Katoomba Emergency Service Centre Fire Control Centre

Katoomba Falls Caravan Park – Amenities Block

Katoomba Falls Caravan Park – Office and Residence

Katoomba Falls Caravan Park – Storage Shed/Bathroom

Katoomba Falls Kiosk

Katoomba Family Support Service

Katoomba/Leura Brigade Station

Katoomba/Leura Pre-School

Katoomba Girl Guides Hall

Katoomba Golf Course

Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre

Katoomba Out of School Hours Care

Katoomba Oval – Amenities Block

Katoomba Showground

Katoomba Solitary Restaurant

Katoomba Tennis Courts

Katoomba Trotting Pavilion

Kingsford Smith Memorial Park

Melrose Park

South Katoomba Brigade Station

The Gully Cottage

Town Centre Arcade

Upper Mountains Youth Services Building


Lapstone Oval Amenties Building

Lapstone Pre-School Kindergarten

Lapstone Rugby Union Clubhouse

Lapstone Tennis Clubhouse


Heatherbrae House

Lawson Depot (Ex Sub-Station)

Lawson Depot – Storage and Workshop Building

Lawson Community Hall

Lawson Council Building and Library

Lawson Golf Course Clubhouse

Lawson Golf Course Machinery Shed

Lawson Oval

Lawson Pool – Change Rooms, Pump and Electrical Rooms and Chemical Store

Lawson Pool - Toilet Block, Pump Building & Shelter Shed

Lawson Rural Fire Service Station

Mid Mountains Community Centre

Queens Oak Park


Leura Carpark and Buildings

Leura Car Park- Toilet Block

Leura - Shop/Cottage

Leura Shop 1 & 2

Leura Oval

Medlow Bath

Medlow Bath Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station

The Elsie Langford Centre

Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley Community Hall

Megalong Valley Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station

Mount Irvine

Mount Irvine Rural Fire Service BushFire Station

Mount Riverview

Mount Riverview Community Hall

Mount Riverview Fire Station

Reservoir Park

Mount Tomah

Mount Tomah Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria Flicks

Browntown Oval

Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson Village Hall

Silva Plana Reserve


Buttenshaw Park


Lomatia Park

Springwood Arts Centre

Springwood Braemar Gallery

Springwood Community Theatre and Hub

Springwood Commuter Car Park

Springwood Country Club

Springwood Depot

Springwood Early Childhood Centre

Springwood Ex Police Station

Springwood Library

Springwood Pre School

Springwood Red Cross Hall

Springwood Tennis Courts

Sun Valley

Sun Valley Pony Clubhouse


Warrimoo Citizens Hall

Warrimoo Oval

Warrimoo Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station

Wentworth Falls

Coronation Park

Pitt Park

Wentworth Falls Cemetery

Wentworth Falls Pre-school

Wentworth Falls Rural Fire Service

Wentworth Falls School of Arts and Library

Wentworth Falls Tennis Clubhouse


Bunya Childcare Centre

Summerhayes Park – Amenities, Kiosk, Change Rooms and Clubhouse

Summerhayes Park Tennis Club House

Winmalee Cottage

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre

Winmalee Preschool Kindergarten

Winmalee Rural Fire Service Bushfire Station

Winmalee Youth Centre


Woodford Brigade Station

Woodford Memorial Park