The Blue Mountains is one of 33 councils involved in developing Resilient Sydney – the first resilience strategy for metropolitan Sydney.

The strategy was developed in collaboration with 100 Resilient Cities and in consultation with over 1,000 residents and 100 businesses and government organisations.

It will aid the city in strengthening its ability to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of increasing global uncertainty and local shocks and stresses, and marks a new spirit of collaboration and connection in the City. It was launched in July 2018 and is the result of two years of effort.

Council also recently participated in the Australian Disaster Resilience Conference, held in September 2018.

The conference provided insight as to how the approach to disaster resilience is changing around the globe, and encouraged engagement, participation and partnerships around all facets of disaster resilience.

Blue Mountains is well placed to contribute to this national conversation about strengthening resilience and recovery through better emergency preparedness, mapping areas of vulnerability, and connectedness of the local community and emergency organisations.