Want to learn some super-easy, energy-saving tips? These fun, engaging animations will show you how! 

One of the projects listed in Council’s Carbon Abatement Action Plan (CAAP) is to encourage energy efficient behaviours…such as turning off lights when you leave an empty room.

These actions can reduce overall electricity consumption by 5 to 10% which, in the case of a large organisation like Blue Mountains City Council, is a big deal.

Below are some short animations with a tip for being more energy-efficient in the workplace. Most of them can also be used at home too.

Every little energy saving action helps us to reach our target of becoming a carbon neutral organisation by 2025. Find out more, about how we're achieving this by clicking on this link.

“Whatever type of business you operate, the one thing you have in common is that you use energy. Every time you turn on a plug or switch on a light…the power you use creates greenhouse gas emissions.” Jon Dee