In this section, we’ll endeavor to keep you up-to-date with any initiatives for rebates and discounts to help reduce household emissions.

Want to switch your home to clean energy but lack the funds? Keep an eye out for the Empowering Homes program from the NSW Government – offering no interest loans for solar energy and battery storage systems.

‘It is estimated that a family with a $500 quarterly electricity bill could save up to $285 a year on their bills while repaying the no interest loans. These savings could increase to more than $2000 a year when the loan is fully repaid.’ NSW Government media release – ‘Extra bill relief with solar energy and battery roll out’ 10th February 2019

The Empowering Homes program is due to launch in summer 2019. You can register your interest to receive updates about the program.

The NSW Energy Saver website is a useful one to bookmark, it outlines any State Government initiatives for energy efficiency and cost savings for households and businesses including appliance replacement offers.

Please check back here regularly for any new updates.