Council's Access Advisory Committee commenced in 2015, following the NSW Government adopting the Disability Inclusion Act (2014) and bringing changes in responsibility for Local Government.

Under this Act, Local Government is required to produce a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) setting out measures on how people with a disability can access general support services and fully participate in the community.  

One of the key tasks of the Access Advisory Committee is to advise on the expenditure of funding to upgrade access in existing Council building facilities. 

The Committee consists of staff representatives from:

  • City Services – Operations 
  • Infrastructure and Strategic Assets 
  • Community and Economic Outcomes –Recreation and Community Facilities 
  • Councils Aged and Disability Services Development Officer 
  • Environment Natural Areas Management 

It also comprises 5 community representatives from:

  • Greystanes Disability Service 
  • Paraquad NSW 
  • Bio Building Design 
  • Anglicare 
  • Eco Design Architects & Consultants.

The Access Advisory Committee meets bimonthly. If you would like to raise an Access concern, contact the committee via:

Access Advisory Committee for the Disabled 
Community and Economic Outcomes 
Blue Mountains City Council 
Locked Bag 1005 

Telephone:  (02) 4780 5000 
Fax: (02) 4780 5555 

If you would like to know the accessible toilets and parking spaces throughout the mountains you can download via your mobile or computer the free app at WheelMate.

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