We believe young people should be empowered to gain a deep understanding of citizenship and be involved in positive civic action for change in their communities. To achieve this we have established a Youth Council made up of young people who live, work or study in the Blue Mountains.

The Youth Council meets monthly and develops a program of actions to increase opportunities and improve services for young people, and also share their opinions and ideas with Councilors and staff.

The focus of the 2022 Youth Council is on the environment and climate change. One activity in previous years, and could continue in 2022, is Project Plant It, which supports children and young people to learn about and help regenerate native vegetation and habitat.  This project involves local Blue Mountains Public and High school students, actively visiting and working on revegetation and enhancement of key habitats. The Youth Council members provide guidance and support to younger participants.

The first Project Plant it can be viewed at https://youtu.be/Gxe63vh0SLw.

To find out more about Blue Mountains Youth Council, or to be involved, contact Council's Community Development Team:                                                                                                                     
Email:     CommunityDevelopment@bmcc.nsw.gov.au                                                                                      
Phone:    4780 5000

What does the Blue Mountains Youth Council do?

  • Advocates, provides advice, and makes recommendations to Council on matters affecting young people and the community
  • Coordinates, plans and implements community activities and events
  • Participates in community activities and consultations
  • Promotes awareness to the community on issues impacting on young people
  • Encourages positive views and opinions of young people and their achievements in the community.

Youth Council Advisory Committee

The Blue Mountains Youth Council is supported by an Advisory Committee that provides assistance in dealing with issues and understanding the role of Council.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of the elected Councillors and the Community Development Officer - Young People.