Like many local businesses, Council is feeling the effects of the latest COVID-19 outbreak. We have staff throughout our various services and facilities that are being impacted by exposures and isolation, which is causing staff shortages.

We will continue to provide our services and run our facilities in a COVID-safe manner. However, these staff shortages mean that we may be behind schedule and a little slower with some services and projects. In some severe cases, it may also mean that we have to temporarily close some facilities. 

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Services and facilities availability

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BBQ facilities


More information on BBQ facilities

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre


More information on Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

Blue Mountains Hub & Theatre


More information on the Hub.

Braemar House & Gallery


More information on Braemar House & Gallery.

Bushcare volunteer program


More information on Bushcare

Customer service


More information on customer service

Camping grounds


More information on camping grounds

Community consultation


More information on community consultation

Community halls and facilities


More information on halls and facilities

Council meetings


More information on Council meetings

Echo Point lookout


More information on Visitor Information Centres



More information about our gyms here



More information on Libraries



More information on parks



More information on playgrounds

Public exhibitions (Development Applications) - online


More information on public exhibitions

Skate parks


More information on skate parks

Sport playing fields and grounds


More information on playing fields and grounds

Swimming pools - indoor


More information on swimming pools

Swimming pools - outdoor


More information on swimming pools

Tourist Parks


More information on tourist parks

Waste management facilities (tips)


More information on waste services

Visitor Information Centres



More information on Visitor Information Centres

Waste services (household bin collection and booked waste service)


More information on waste services

What’s online?

You can still access a range of services online:

Community updates

Rates announcement

Council is legally required to levy ratepayers (under the Local Government Act 1993) and unfortunately we are not able to waive rates. However, we can provide residents who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with the following assistance.

The Council derives a large proportion of its revenue from Council rates, which is essential as it allows us to provide required services and infrastructure to residents of the City. 

Payment arrangements
Where ratepayers are unable to pay their rates because of suffering a loss or reduction in employment, Council will approve extended instalment payment plans. Interest penalties can be put on hold during the period of the arrangement.
Requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Contact Council and ask for the Revenue team, on 4780 5000.

Small business

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is just starting to have its full effects and we understand that small businesses may also experience financial difficulties as a result.
Council can offer arrangements to pay rates and debtor accounts over a period of time, and on an interest free basis. Please contact Council on 4780 5000 and ask to speak to the revenue team.

All requests should be referred to the Council’s Revenue Section so notations can be included on rate and debtor accounts. Contact Council and ask for the Revenue team, on 4780 5000.