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MLAK: Master Locksmiths Access Key System

An innovative system that allows 24 hours a day access to public facilities using a universal lock.
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Access and Equity Information

Access Advisory Committee for the Disabled

At Councils Executive Leadership Team meeting on the 23 September 2015 , a request was made for the reconfiguration of the Access and Equity Working Group to be an Access Advisory Committee for people with a disability.

This request was made in response to the NSW Government in 2014 adopting the Disability Inclusion Act, bringing changes in responsibility for Local Government. Under this Act, Local Government is required to produce a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) setting out measures on how people with a disability will be able to access general support services and fully participate in the community. This Action Plan must be in place by 2017. Through Council having a Access Advisory Committee specifically for issues pertaining to disabled access this key action will be better addressed. Whilst the Committee has reconfigured from a Access and Equity Committee to a specific Access Committee for the Disabled, some of the key tasks that it initially provided still remain. One of these key tasks is to advise on the expenditure of funding to upgrade access in existing Council building facilities.

The Terms of Reference (download at right) for the newly reconfigured Access Advisory Committee also reflects the key responsibilities of Council under the Local Government Act and the projects it undertakes. The Terms of Reference can be down loaded on the right hand side.

The Working Group consists of staff representatives from the following Groups of Council

• City Services –Operations
• Infrastructure and Strategic Assets
• Community and Economic Outcomes –Recreation and Community Facilities
• Councils Aged and Disability Services Development Officer
• Environment Natural Areas Management

And five community representatives from the following organisations/businesses.

• Greystanes Disability Service
• Paraquad NSW
• Bio Building Design
• Anglicare
• Eco Design Architects & Consultants

The Access Advisory Committee meets bimonthly, If you would like to raise an Access concern:

Contact us

Access Advisory Committee for the Disabled
Community and Economic Outcomes
Blue Mountains City Council
Locked Bag 1005

Telephone:  (02) 4780 5000
Fax: (02) 4780 5555

If you would like to  know the accessible toilets and parking spaces throughout the mountains you can download via your mobile or computer the free app at WheelMate

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021

In 2011 , three thousand, three hundred and ninety people or 4.5% of the Blue Mountains population reported needing help in their day to day living due to disability. Through development of the four year Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) Council will strive to address the various barriers that prevent people with a disability from fully participating in the Blue Mountains community. It focuses on a number of key actions that encourages more positive community attitudes and behaviours, creating a more liveable community, that supports better access to meaningful employment and further improves access to Council services through better systems and processes. These actions will be achieved through the following six key directions as developed by Councils Access Advisory Committee: 


Direction 1: People of all abilities can get around the City – with suitable infrastructure and services
to support walking, cycling, taking public transport or using private vehicles
Direction 2: Global – Visitors and tourists of all abilities are welcome – with safe public spaces and
facilities, accessible accommodation, businesses, attractions and a friendly, helpful
Direction 3: Connected – People of all abilities live and work in the City – through providing
appropriate housing and supporting training, skills development to find employment
Direction 4: Connected – All people have access to City information – by providing information to the
Public in accessible formats and through a variety of sources
Direction 5: Connected – People of all abilities have a say with an opportunity to be involved in
Council decision-making
Direction 6: Connected – People of all abilities are a part of city life through facilitating their access to
sporting, cultural and recreational facilities, events, and activities


For an easy read version of the document please see the link on the right hand side.

Echo Point Adult Change Facility

Council has an Adult Lift and Change Facility for people with a disability at its Echo Point Visitor Information Centre ( Cliff Drive, Echo Point ) in the unisex accessible toilet.

The Lift and change facility is available to all members of the public Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm, including public holidays.

It is opened by a MLAK key, and is located within 80 to 100 metres of the viewing platform of the three sisters via accessible pathways of travel. Patrons are to bring their own sling for hygienic purposes.

For any maintenance issues contact Council on 4780 5000.


Links and Other Information:

Blue Mountains declared a Refugee Welcome Zone, April 2004
At its meeting of 27 April 2004 (Minute No. 207), Council resolved:
"that Blue Mountains City Council sign the Refugee Welcome Zone declaration
as advocated by the Refugee Council of Australia".

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