Blue Mountains City Council

Recylcing Collection
Recycling Collection

Place your garbage and recycling bin at least 1 metre apart for collection



Household Kerbside Recycling Service

Recycling Hotline: 1300 769 746

Blue Mountains City Council provides a weekly kerbside household recycling collection service with a 140 litre recycling bin (yellow lid). This is a commingled service with everything mixed in the bin together.
Items that can be recycled in the household recycling bin are:

  • Cardboard, paper, magazines, newspapers, office paper and junk mail
  • Glass bottles and jars (no broken glass please)
  • Steel and aluminium cans
  • Empty aerosols
  • Rigid plastic from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Please no plastic bags, green waste or broken glass.

JJ Richards and Sons, an Australian, family owned business, were awarded the contract to collect kerbside recycling until June 2015.

Getting the most out of your recycling bin

To maximise space in your recycling bin make sure you:

  • Break up any boxes
  • Compact/crush any cans, plastic bottles, milk and juice cartons
  • Place smaller jars/cans/tins/bottles in the larger tins and jars.

In windy weather you can place a brick on top of the lid to help prevent the lid being blown open. In case your bin is unavoidably blown over, consider the order your recyclables are placed in your bin. If possible, create layers with papers at the bottom and heavier items like glass bottles on top of them. Layering your recycling also helps to prevents glass being broken with plastics and paper to cushion these items.

For more information check your Resource Recovery Guide (2009/10 Guides delivered to your letterbox in the first week of June 2009). Alternatively, download the Guide at right.

Why was this service chosen?

Prior to introducing the new service, Council sought input from residents via a variety of means such as a direct mail out to 3,000 residents and an open invitation to comment on proposals in the BM Gazette and on Council's website. Council researched what other councils were doing. Council also conducted 2 x six-week audits of waste and recycling participation and volumes during winter and summer 2006/07.

Analysis of all of this information indicated:

  • a clear preference for a mobile bin-based service;
  • a majority of respondents (especially older residents) wanted a 140 litre mobile bin; and
  • the average household could cope with available volume equal to a 240 litre bin collected fortnightly.

A range of service options was tendered and it became clear that the most advantageous solution for the Blue Mountains was a weekly service based on a 140 litre mobile bin.

Why the weekly 140L over fortnightly 240L? The weekly 140L offers a greater overall volume (280L a fortnight) and the established weekly habit can continue.

In short, we've chosen the service style that makes it easiest to recycle:

  • Weekly
  • Wheelin bin
  • All in together
  • All rigid plastics from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.