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Family Day Care
Family Day Care

Quality Home Based Care for Children 0-14 years.




Quality Home Based Care for Children 0-12 years. Family Day Care is flexible small group child care offering every child and parent the benefit of warm, personal attention and enriching experiences in a safe family home.

Corner San Jose Avenue and Loftus Street, Lawson
Phone: (02) 4780 5280
Fax: (02) 4759 1922

Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm
An answering service operates after hours.

Family Day Care in the Blue Mountains

Family Day Care commenced in the Blue Mountains in March 1980.

The Service is funded by the Federal Government early childhood section of the Department of Education, employment and workplace relations and is sponsored by Blue Mountains City Council.

What is Family Day Care?

Licensed Educators operate from their own homes, and are assessed, registered, trained and supported by the Blue Mountains Family Day Care Co ordination team. Our educators are committed people who have participated in training to ensure the highest quality child care for your child. This means the educator can give each child the personal care and attention which is vital to help young children develop new skills and interests. The children also form friendships with their play mates easily in groups of this size.

We welcome applications to become a educator. We can train and support you to operate a rewarding small business that can generate a very good income.

If you are a parent seeking childcare, we encourage you to give your child the very best family-based, individual care. Email Family Day Care to request for childcare.

We work to assure that children and parents have equal access to home based childcare, appropriate to individual and special needs, that is also:

  • Affordable
  • Safe and
  • High quality

What would my child be doing?

The emphasis in Family Day Care is on security, warmth, learning and fun in a home environment. There isn't a fixed routine but there are plenty of fun activities for the children, including singing, listening to music and stories, make-believe play and dressing-up. The children are also included in normal daily household routines such as cooking, shopping and visiting friends, relatives and other places.

Most Family Day Care educators attend regular organised playgroups with other educators so that the children can play together in larger groups. You can discuss your child's activities directly with your educator.

Family Day Care Staff

The Service Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of the service and the recruitment of educators. An important part of this position is maintaining parent, educator and staff relations.

Childcare Services Officers provide support and resources to educators and monitor children's development and the placement of their care.

Administrative Officers respond to daily enquiries process rebates and maintain the office records.

Payment of Fees

Fees are paid in advance, to the educator, on the first day of care for the week. All fees are calculated to the nearest quarter hour, except for overtime charges. Educators may determine their own fees, conditions and charging practices.

Childcare Benefit/Rebate

Depending on your income and circumstances you may be eligible for the Childcare Benefit (CCB) and Childcare Rebate (CCR). Please contact your nearest Centrelink office for more information.

Special Childcare Benefit

Special Childcare Benefit (SCCB) is available in special circumstances.

Explanation of Fees:

  • Permanent: hourly charge for regular contracted hours / days of care.
  • Non-Permanent: for non-contracted hours / days of care and care that is less than six weeks.
  • Minimum Booking: the minimum number of hours charged per session. (See Educator for more information)


For children leaving Family Day Care: two weeks notice or one week's contracted fees in lieu of notice is required (not eligible for CCB).

Casual Contract: A cancellation fee of two hours (per child) at the non-permanent rate applies, if casual care is booked and then cancelled (not eligible for CCB).

Allowable Absences - CCB

Maximum of 42 days per year per child allowed for illness, holidays and occasional absences. Conditions apply.

Illness (of child, parent or sibling)

Full fees apply.


Holding Fees are payable. Parents are requested to give at least one week's notice to their educator.


For care outside contracted hours, where no notice has been given, overtime applies. It is rounded to the nearest quarter hour and is not covered by Childcare Benefit. In certain circumstances, eg transport problems, where it has not been possible to give notice, non-permanent care can apply.

Public Holidays

Contracted fees apply when care has been contracted and not used on a day when a Public Holiday occurs. Public Holiday rates apply when care is used on a Public Holiday.


Parents of children registered with Blue Mountains Family Day Care are asked to provide written evidence of their child's immunisation record. Children who have not been immunised will be excluded from care when an outbreak of a contagious / infectious disease occurs in their educator's home. Payment to the educator will need to be negotiated.

Family Day Care Priority of Access Guidelines

  • A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  • A child of parents who satisfy the work / training / study test under Section 14 of the Family Assistance Act.
  • All other children.

Charges 2014/2015

  • Administration Levy – Families: $1.10 per hour per child
  • Administration Levy – Educators: $12.00 per week
  • Playgroup: $1.90 per child / session
  • New Family Registration Fee: $43.00
  • New Educator Registration Fee: $190.00

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