Blue Mountains City Council

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Services, Facilities and Recreation

Blue Mountains City Council always strives to meet the needs of the diverse communities in the Blue Mountains; and to provide quality services to customers.

In the Blue Mountains, there are a number of factors that create difficulties in providing basic services for residents. Some of the difficulties including terrain and climate, arise from the very attributes which make the area such an attractive place to live and visit.

Despite these challenges, Council is committed to providing the best services that it can to customers.

Council services are now being progressively tested against external organisations under a wide ranging change program. The objective is to ensure all services are provided in an efficient, cost effective manner.



Blue Mountains City Council offers access to a suite of interactive tools that can be used to help understand current, historical and future population characteristics of the Blue Mountains Local Government Area and its townships. These tools are designed to assist the planning and decision-making of community groups, businesses and government organisations, and to inform students, researchers and the general public about the characteristics of the people who live here and how they are changing.